Ethereum: Programming and Mining to Better Investments (English Edition)

Ethereum: Programming and Mining to Better Investments (English Edition)

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Bitcoin here, Bitcoin there…. What about Ethereum?

This book is the complete guide! Everything you need to know about Ethereum, a rising cryptocurrency, is right there. Look no further, and you will learn the most important things for your investing decisions. You will learn more about:

How the ether markets work and how Ethereum was discovered.

What to do with smart contracts and solidity.

Programmning, Ethereum language, virtual machines, and trading tactics.

Augur coins and what they are good for.

Stats that show the potential takeover of Ethereum.

With all the focus on bitcoin, you could be one of the lucky, clever investors who invests in Ethereum and sees his/her margins go up and up. If you want to know whether this is a good decision or investment opportunity, then get to know your business now.

    Autor entrada: Kamy

    Me encanta poder vivir de Internet. Las criptomonedas van a cambiar la forma en que compramos, vendemos e intercambiamos dinero. Me gusta compartir lo que aprendo.

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